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Trees fall, power goes out in heavy rain

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Mérida, Yucatán — Wind gusts Monday afternoon, reaching 83 kph/52 mph, toppled at least 85 trees, a billboard and three telephone poles.

While winds were nearly twice as powerful at the beach, most of the damage was reported in the capital.

The downpour, which happened around 3 p.m., also flooded streets and knocked out power in the Centro and in the city’s westside neighborhoods.

Fire and police personnel responded to calls of downed trees that blocked streets in San Ramón Norte, Miguel Hidalgo, Buena Vista, San Jose Vergel, Maria Luisa and Ciudad Industrial.

The billboard, in Col. Emiliano Zapata Norte, followed reports of hail in that vicinity.

On Monday evening, residents and businesses in the Centro Histórico suddenly lost power. The blackout lasted just over an hour.

Visitors at the Plaza Grande had to evacuate the park, which was shrouded in darkness. Uniformed police directed traffic at busy intersections.

Sources: Sipse, Desde el Balcón, Punto Medio

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