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Trumpets in heaven? Mystery sounds from above rattle Merida before dawn

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Clouds moved quickly across the early-morning sky in Merida, where some people heard strange noises.

Merida, Yucatan — Has the shutdown made the world so quiet under the coronavirus lockdown, we’re hearing things? Or are we just hearing things more clearly?

This morning before sunrise, several people in Merida posted videos of strange humming sounds coming apparently from the sky.

While some compared the eerie sounds to the seven trumpets that cue apocalyptic events in the Book of Revelation, audio posted on social media sounded more like engine noise.

But factories, even the clattery CMG harina plant, have been silent, either for the holidays, or as a coronavirus contingency.

One person suggested early-morning cargo planes at the airport, would that cause vibrations at San Ramon Norte that were strong enough to trigger car alarms?

The effect has been reported in places ranging form Spain, Argentina, the East Coast of the United States.

Scientists offer one suggestion in an interview with the Daily Mail of London.

NASA said the noise is due to a natural phenomenon.

“The Earth has natural emissions that sound like music from a science fiction movie, but in reality that hum is known as “cielomoto,” NASA said.

While on Earth seismic movements occur due to the collision of plates, in the sky it is produced by the collision of hot and cold air masses. This is a common phenomenon, but the world is much more silent since the worldwide lockdown triggered by coronavirus pandemic. So we’re more likely to hear it these days, said scientists at NASA.

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