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Uber driver exposes public’s fear getting near hospital workers

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Photo: La Verdad Noticias

Merida, Yucatan — An Uber driver is the man of the hour after coming to the rescue of a nurse who was kicked off a public bus.

The bus driver apparently feared the nurse, who had come off her shift and was still wearing her uniform, could be carrying coronavirus because her job put her in close contact with sick patients.

So the driver, who identified himself as Ethecoatl Rodríguez, took the nurse where she wanted to go, and charged her nothing.

A video of the Rodríguez describing the episode was shared on social network and went viral (for lack of a better word).

Rodríguez commented that he is not from Yucatan, but asked the people of Mérida to respect health professionals during the coronavirus emergency.

“I took her for free because they kicked her off the bus for fear (that she could have a coronavirus infection),” the driver said. “It cannot be that Yucatan is a state where they boast of being united, and they do this to nurses.”

The man commented in his video that the medical personnel of the hospitals have sanitary protocols to enter and exit and pointed out that they would not bring an illness to their families.

“You have the worst virus on the planet, which is disinformation,” said Rodríguez.

The Maya actress and playwright Conchi León exposed another example of discrimination against a nurse on her Facebook profile.

She explained that a nurse who comes to work from another town was forced to exit a combi van by stirred-up passengers. She had to change into street clothes in a bathroom and wait an hour to board another van unrecognized, León said.

“The buses do not stop for them, the Ubers, DiDis cancel them when they arrive and see that they are nurses,” said Leon on her Facebook page. “I’ve seen videos from other countries where nurses are applauded. Too bad in my city there is a sector that discriminates against them for saving lives.”

Source: La Verdad, Facebook

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