Ucú land rising in value as neighbors grow

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Land for sale in Ucú. Photo: Screenshot of Century 21 website

Ucú, Yucatan — Between Mérida’s western border and the new industrial area of ​​Hunucmá, there is the municipality of Ucú, which a local newspaper has headlined “the new ‘elite’ zone.”

Residential real estate developments are being carved out of communal farm land while new jobs materialize at the nearby brewery and container factory to the west, as well as the Science and Technology Park to the north.

The cost of a hectare of land increased from 120 thousand to 150 thousand pesos, reports Milenio Novedades.

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Ucú ejidal commissary Genner Ismael Pech León said that at the moment they have a land reserve of 2,500 hectares north of the town, adjoining the Science and Technology Park.

The ejido recently sold a group of entrepreneurs 800 hectares for 124 million pesos for the development of residential subdivisions and a golf course, which will provide greater added value to the surrounding areas.

Among the conditions established by the ejidatarios is the construction of roads connecting their fraccionamientos with the center of town. Currently the population does not have direct roads to new areas, such as the Polytechnic University of Yucatán.

“Supposedly Polytechnic University is in Ucú, but we do not have any street accessible to the educational center, which is two kilometers from the municipal head; We have to go around Caucel,” said Pech León.

The technology park is planning an adjacent “smart city” in collaboration with the University of Miami School of Architecture. ZenCiti will occupy roughly 650 acres and will provide 6,000 jobs in the area, on top of the 4,000 that will be created by the Science and Technology Park, all providing the potential for a housing boom for Ucú.

Source: Mileneo Novedades

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