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UN asks Yucatan to try harder for the environment

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Yucatan has been asked to invest more in eco-friendly transportation. Photo: La Jornada

A representative of the United Nations Environment Program is urging Yucatan officials to commit to eco-friendly transportation and environmentally safe products.

Dolores Barrientos Alemán said that in talks with Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal, sustainable development program for the state was discussed.

Electric and environmentally friendly public transportation, as well as the promotion of sustainable investments, green energy and responsible consumption, were on the table, she said.

The UN official lamented that disposable plastics is an environmental problem that has yet to be resolved with solid regulation.

In Mexico around 20 cities and states have regulated or banned disposable plastics, she said.

At the recent Environmental Forum Expo, Barrientos Alemán pointed out that in the state legislature, a disposable plastics ban is being studied, but has not become law.

At the national level, she said, it will be very difficult to pass a ban, so it’s up to state and municipal lawmakers to eliminate non-biodegradable items such as single-use drinking straws and plastic shopping bags.

Around 40 countries have implemented regulations against plastics, she said. In Latin America, Chile banned plastic bags, and Ecuador, Panama and Brazil have some initiatives in the works.

In Mexico, Queretaro was the first state to regulate plastics, followed by Baja California and Tijuana.

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