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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

United restores early flights to Houston

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Dawn at the Mérida airport.  Photo: Steve Bottorff
Dawn at the Mérida airport. Photo: Steve Bottorff

United Airline’s morning flights to Houston are coming back to the Mérida airport, making it easier to make connections to destinations beyond Texas.

When daily flights to Houston moved to afternoons, you could be forgiven for thinking something positive had transpired. Catching an afternoon flight would be much easier. But what if Houston wasn’t your final destination? East Coast connections largely evaporated later in the afternoon, necessitating an airline switch or an overnight stay at the airport.

The same for flights into Mérida. From the East Coast, catching an early afternoon flight into Mérida is challenging. Early evening flights may bring you into Mérida after dark, but it’s an easy layover at lovely Terminals E and C. 

The shift back to early flights to Houston begins Thursday, Feb. 11 on United’s timetable. A round-trip flight to New York City is just over $400. The same flight was inching to the $800 mark last year.

Perhaps not coincidentally, United has competition coming soon. Flights to Dallas via American Airlines begin in March. See the story about that here.


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