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Unstable weather expected in Yucatan as storm forms on Pacific coast

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Unstable weather south of Guatemala could have repercussions for Yucatan this weekend. Photo: Meteored

The probability of weekend showers and thunderstorms on the Peninsula has increased, and a growing storm on the Pacific is to blame.

A possible hurricane forming in Central America could reach the coasts of Chiapas and Oaxaca, said forecaster Juan Antonio Palma.

His report indicates that in the coming days an extensive trough, associated with the turbulence, could trigger strong electrical storms in Yucatan.

Approximately 400 km / 250 miles southwest of Guatemala, a tropical low formed early in the week near a large area of disturbed weather. This low has become stronger and more organized in the past several days.

Through the middle of the week, the center of this low is expected to linger offshore, before slowly creeping closer to the Guatemala coast late in the week.

Should the system reach tropical storm strength, it would be given the name Amanda.

The possible tropical cyclone could move north and cross southeastern Mexico, including the Yucatan peninsula, at the beginning of next week. Torrential rains could result.

But high temperatures will remain, with highs up to 40C / 104F in some inland areas, but cooler in Merida and Progreso.

Sources: Somosaqui.mx/Meteored/Juan Antonio Palma, Accuweather

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