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Valladolid officials order hotel owner to paint over mod mural

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A Frida Kahlo mural was defaced and ordered removed in Valladolid’s historic district. Photo:

Valladolid, Yucatán — Battered and defaced, Frida Kahlo still gazes down from the second floor of the Hotel La Terminal.

But her days at the Hotel La Terminal are numbered.

Buildings in this neighborhood must conform with historically accurate colors, and the mod mural on the hotel’s narrow facade definitely does not.

Authorities go through some trouble to place violation stickers on a Valladolid hotel mural. Photo: Desde el Balcón

The mural has been a bit of a social media sensation since the beginning of the month. People pro and con argued its merits while visitors posed for photos on the balcony with the over-scale portrait on Calle 46, between 37 and 39.

The hotel’s owner, Yadira Castillo Montejo, told a newspaper that she hoped authorities would let her leave the artwork intact until at least December. But the city has responded decisively after less than two weeks.

Closing the street and reaching it with a cherry picker, a Valladolid city worker on Monday plastered violation stickers over the balcony. On Sunday, at least one art critic splattered black paint on the mural, as well.

She has three weeks to paint the facade with conforming colors.

“It’s too much,” said Castillo Montejo, upon learning that crews arrived shortly after noon to post the stickers. “I did not think it would reach this.”

Castillo Montejo said she needs time to raise money to cover over the vandalized mural, which was created by Guadalajara artist Diego Lopez.

Sources: Desde el Balcón, Diario de Yucatán, Facebook

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