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Valladolid theater projected to open in 2020

A white elephant no more, theater will be first of its kind outside Merida

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Work has resumed on Valladolid’s long-awaited performing arts theater. Photo: Courtesy

Work has resumed on the first modern performing arts theater in Yucatan to be built outside Merida.

Valladolid’s Teatro José María Iturralde Traconis, named for a historical governor from that city, will cost more than 22.6 million pesos. The building is on the site of a former school, also named for the 20th-century politician.

It will fit an audience of 640 and include a stage, orchestra pit and several dressing rooms.

A lobby has sat idle on Calle 43, in the Centro, for years. But work on the stage and auditorium was abandoned 10 years ago when its budget was cut. It is now projected to open in January 2020.

Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal toured the construction site and said that the theater will improve Valladolid’s economy.

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