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How to verify the inspector at your door is legit

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The state's campaign against mosquito larvae has begun, and residents have been largely receptive. Handout photo
The state’s campaign against mosquito larvae includes health inspectors who go door-to-door. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — State-run brigades often fumigate private homes for mosquitoes. But when a knock at your door causes uncertainty, you can tell for sure if the inspector is real or an imposter.

Yesterday in Kanasín, neighbors reported two men and a woman who asked for permission to enter a property to fumigate the courtyard. Doubting their authenticity, residents reported the entry attempt and the SSY confirmed that their suspicions were justified.

Acknowledging the fake brigadiers, authorities shared the following guidance:

Crews are identified by not just a badge, but by bright yellow SSY vests and a backpack.

If in doubt, call the Health Services Coordinator at 999-930-3050, extension 45315 and 45316 to ascertain the exact location of legitimate brigades.

Source: Diario La Verdad

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