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Violent storm takes Yucatán by surprise, toppling trees and knocking out power

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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A food cart toppled and smashed in the Plaza Grande on Sunday afternoon as high winds and strong rain lashed the Yucatán Peninsula. Photo: Facebook

Some residents called it a refreshing break from the heat wave. They probably weren’t the ones who lost power, trees or incurred property damage when Cold Front 51 blew through this afternoon.

Streets flooded and trees toppled as well when the cold front, much worse than predicted, sent a trough over the Gulf of Mexico and into the Peninsula.

One driver reported witnessing lightning strike a utility pole, sending sparks overhead. Traffic lights were disabled, even in neighborhoods with electricity.

Hail was spotted in Lindavista, García Ginerés and Juan Pablo. Ciudad Caucel, Francisco de Montejo and Pensiones seemed to get pummeled more than other areas, such as neighborhoods in Umán and Hunucmá, where only light rain was reported.

Heavy rains on Sunday flooded roads and knocked out power, but also reduced temperatures by about 10 degrees. Photo: Ron Allanach

By 4 p.m., nearly two hours after the drama began, skies calmed but power remained out in the Centro and Garcia Ginerés. A tree reportedly also crushed two cars in the Chedraui Itzaes parking lot.

Rain and thunder are expected to come and go through Wednesday.

This much precipitation is unusual before rainy season, which begins in June. Last year’s record rainfall filled water tables, creating engineering nightmares that remain today anywhere builders tunneled underground, such as the Harbor mall’s parking garage and Prolongacíon underpass.

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