Watch: Students share the sights, artistry of Yucatán

Los Cenzontles students, left, Joeceline Garcia and Isabel Reyes, right, meet Maya artists in Yucatan during a scene from “Puntos de Vida,” a new documentary. Second from right is Los Cenzontles teacher Marie-Astrid Do-Rodriguez. Photo: James Hall / Los Cenzontles

Two California 15-year-olds took a trip to Yucatán and came home to create a beautiful documentary.

Marie-Astrid Do-Rodriguez, a teacher and artist at Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy in the Bay Area, brought the two youths to Mexico back in March 2020 to meet artisans who specialize in Maya embroidery.

The trio filmed their experiences traveling and interacting with Yucatan residents and artists, and Bay Area filmmaker James Hall turned the footage into “Puntos de Vida” (“Threads of Life”), a 25-minute film.

“Puntos de Vida” contains fascinating footage of artists at work and Yucatan life in general, and glimpses of stunningly beautiful Maya creations.

The trip and film were organized and funded in part by the Museo de Ropa Etnica de Mexico and the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation.

Based in San Pablo, Los Cenzontles is a nonprofit organization serving as a hub for Mexican-American artists.

They describe themselves as “a long-standing leader in the Mexican roots revival here in the United States.”

Here is the film:

Source: Mercury News

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