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Water commission spends millions on drains for rural south

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In the state’s southern “cone,” millions of pesos are being spent in drainage. Photo: Conagua

With an investment of approximately 3.4 million pesos, the National Water Commission (Conagua) is fixing and building drains in southern Yucatán, said Ignacio Mendicuti Priego, the director general of the Yucatan Peninsula Basin Agency (OCPY).

During a press tour of San Isidro Macyan, in the municipality of Tekax, Mendicuti Priego supervised the drainage work in the rural community. During the tour, he was accompanied by Federal Deputy Felipe Cervera Hernández, as well as the municipal president, Joshua Couoh Tzec.

Mendicuti Priego said that these works benefited 160 farmers who have 1,500 hectares of agricultural area.

“During this rainy season, farmers in the southern region are in trouble when there are heavy rains, because in many cases the fields are flooded, which means the loss of their crops and a negative impact on their economy,” said Cervera Hernández.

He said that in total, 2.5 km of new drains will join 6.75 km of reconstructed drains.

The drains will be interconnected under a comprehensive strategy to avoid losing crops. Work should be completed by mid-October.

Later, Mendicuti Priego met with farm workers at Pustunich, Yotholín and Ticul, where he received various proposals and ideas to support the communities.

Source: Press Release

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