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Water will be shut off for 120,000 customers overnight

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Merida, Yucatan — Repairs to a water main leak will affect more houses than initially thought.

A complicated leak repair, overdue since 1998, will shut off water for more than 120,000 households and businesses overnight in more than 50 colonias including the Centro, Garcia Gineres and Itzimna, said Japay, the water utility.

Water service will be suspended starting at 9 tonight until 7 Friday morning.

Carlos Heredia Vázquez, Japay distribution manager, explained that workers will install replace part of an 80-centimeter pipe in a duct at Calle 64, between 35 and 37, near the Monumento al Maestro. A clamp secure the pipes cost around 300,000 pesos and was bought in Guadalajara.

The leak began 21 years ago when a construction company drilling for a storm drain accidentally punctured the pipe. Around 2.7 million liters a day is estimated to be lost.

Work is expected to be finished Friday afternoon. No other leaks were detected at the site.

The affected area are located within the Colonias Circuit.

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