‘We don’t want any more of our colleagues to die’

Medical staff in Motul demand to be vaccinated against COVID-19

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Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
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As the fifth shipment of COVID-19 vaccines lands in Yucatán, medical professionals in Motul says their doses are long overdue. Photo: File.

Clinic doctors, nurses and administrators at Motul’s Seguro Social clinic took part in a peaceful demonstration and called upon Yucatán state authorities to ensure that all personnel is vaccinated at once.

The demonstration began in the interior of the clinic but shortly afterward made its way out onto city streets. 

The demonstrators held signs reading “we don’t want any more of our colleagues to die” and “vaccination for medical professionals now.” Placards also urged the clinic director, José Carlos Ríos Amézquita, to work harder at lobbying state authorities in order to procure the much-needed vaccines. 

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Despite the fact that Yucatán’s COVID-19 vaccination policy is said to prioritize the vaccination of health professionals, many have yet to receive their inoculations, and many more have only received the first of two doses. 

According to demonstrators in Motul, only about 40% of medical professionals and staff at their clinic have received the vaccine. 

To date, Yucatán has now received 64,435 COVID-19 vaccines.

As of mid-February, approximately 3,000 medical professionals have died of COVID-19 in Mexico. 

This makes Mexico the country with the highest number of deaths among medical professionals in a list of 18 nations which includes the United States, Brazil and Perú.

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