Wedding shoot in Yucatan goes viral, gets cop fired

Tekax police commander took a bridal theme too far, mayor says

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Wedding photos went viral, costing a police commander in Yucatan his job. Photo: Courtesy

Tekax, Yucatan — Accused of misusing public resources, a municipal police commander has lost his job over a photo shoot of his recent wedding.

The groom, Enrique Basto Martinez, posed with his bride in uniform, and fellow police officers and police equipment were part of the scenery, Progreso Hoy reported.

Basto Martinez was married last weekend and days later, his striking images began to circulate on social networks.

In a statement, the city of Tekax confirmed the dismissal of the officer after photos circulated where Commander Basto Martinez is seen posing with his bride in his official police uniform and with an official vehicle.

The firing was “in accordance with the vision of our city council that is governed with responsibility and clear accounts,” Tekax police said in a statement.

“Mayor Diego Ávila has reiterated to the police department, as well as the staff of the town hall, the commitment to the public for which there is no room for error in the performance of an official’s work,” the bulletin added.

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