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What to expect when studying abroad in Yucatán

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A boat channel in Chuburna, Yucatán, leads to the Gulf of Mexico.

Tucked between dry deserts in the southwestern region and vivid culture, Mexico has plenty to offer for exchange students. The exquisite cuisine and phenomenal locations make this place the ideal choice for students all around the world. But, there is one state that stands apart from all the rest — Yucatán.

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatán Peninsula is a great spot for Canadian and international students. It hosts many national research facilities and dozens of universities.

But before you pay any traveling fees, you need to know everything about traveling to Yucatán. That’s why we included a couple of handy places you can visit on your trips to Yucatan. Including the benefits of studying here.

The Advantages of Studying and Traveling to Yucatán

There is nothing better than studying abroad. You get to immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle. However, to make the most of your trips to Yucatan as a foreign student, it’s crucial that you put your mind at ease. Here is why international and Canadian students should give it a try.

Entertainment and the Best Things to See in Yucatán

Each CIEE semester program offers multiple cultural excursions and a couple of days of study tours. They are designed to help students improve their academics. Most importantly, students get some amazing places to visit in Yucatan.

Like the:

  • Chichén Itzá ruins
  • Botanical gardens
  • Seed banks
  • UNESCO World Heritage site Campeche

These are one of those locations every student needs to see. Of course, there are plenty of other places to visit in Yucatán. But, many non-European students, like Canadian students, may find it tricky to adapt to studying in Mexico. If you have trouble with your studies, you can pay for uni homework and enjoy the rest of the evening. No wonder many students pay professional writers online to do the school homework for them.

By doing this, the schoolwork gets done quicker, and they get to enjoy a night out with friends. This will help students to socialize and balance their lives in these new settings.


Venturing out in small towns or back allies is safe in Yucatán. This place has very little illegal activity compared to other states in Mexico. You can do your homework on the bus and relax the entire way. Or, with just a couple of pesos, you can rent a car and enjoy the highway.

Cheap Prices

Yucatan can be the perfect place for traveling on a tight budget. The airlines are relatively cheap, and you can order cheap tickets online. Plus, public transport and Uber are affordable, and you can order delicious foods at low prices. For example, if you are staying in Merida, and you plan on getting an Uber to Costco, which takes 30min, you will be spending around $8.

Amazing Culture

Wondering what to do in Yucatán? The streets are constantly bustling, particularly at the center of a town. But, one of the key reasons why students pay the travel fees to come here is because of the culture and beach lifestyle. Locals are welcoming and easy to communicate with. So, you get to make a huge circle of friends in a very short time.

Why Does Every International Student Need to Explore Yucatán?

In Canada, students can get plenty of chances to study abroad. But, traveling to Yucatan should be on the top of your list.

Studying here can open the door to multiple future opportunities. Universities have excellent mobility programs. But tourism is definitely the best part of this region. Once you finish visiting the museums and cenotes, you can head to the beach or make a road trip with a couple of friends.

After you finish your studies and decide to stay there, you still have countless job opportunities. So, you are expanding your prospects and giving yourself an excellent chance for career growth.

Some Additional Tips:

  • Try to learn basic Spanish. Although there are many international students, not everyone knows English. So, it can get a bit tricky to do even the simplest tasks. Therefore, learning just a couple of common phrases can go a long way.
  • The best time to travel is between November and March. If you pick the summer, the temperatures can get too hot and overbearing.
  • Don’t drink tap water. The tap water is not drinkable. That’s why it’s a good idea to have plenty of clean water on hand.


Yucatán is definitely the hidden gem in Mexico. The amazing locations, excellent schools, and great culture make it a wonderful temporary home base. If you are looking to study abroad, this is, without a doubt, an excellent place to try.  

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