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What we know so far about the Festival de las Animas 2019

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Traditional costumes honor Yucatán’s Hanal Pixan heritage. Photo: Ayuntamiento

Merida’s Paseo de las Animas 2019 will take to the streets Thursday, Oct. 31.

We had to dig a little to find that out, but we did. We’re weeks away from one of Merida’s biggest cultural events, and information about it is sorely lacking.

As of Sunday, Oct. 13, Merida’s official website has no details about the annual Festival de las Animas. Other than a logo under the word “próximamente” and which indicates a general time span of Oct. 25-Nov. 2, the website has nothing.

A press conference in Mexico City shared broad information about the festival, leading to stories that the festival will last until Nov. 12, not Nov. 2.

The contradiction is probably a technicality. “Camino de las Flores,” the flower exhibition that overtakes the Parque de la Paz across from the historic zoo, runs Oct. 25-Nov. 12. If you consider that part of the Animas festival, then you could say the festival is only over when that show shuts down.

Since at least April, travelers have asked us, and have posted queries on travel boards, about when to arrange travel to be part of the Paseo de las Animas, the highlight of the festival. People trying to answer take a guess based on the church calendar. They guessed correctly.

But it’s a mystery why the event’s promotions are so lax. Hanal Pixan is of national interest and boosts the economy.

The procession in the city’s south has grown exponentially over the years, even attracting participants who arrive by plane. The costumed procession crowds 20 blocks in the city’s south, on Calle 66 between the general cemetery and the San Juan Arch.

We saw some graphics on social media that lists an Espectáculo de Danza 7 p.m. Oct. 25 at the Centro Municipal de Danza; A Noche de Catrinas y Estados Invitados 8 p.m. Oct. 25 at the Remate de Paseo Montejo; and the third pib fair, at 7 p.m. Oct. 25 at San Sebastian park.

So details are sketchy, but that’s all we got for now.

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