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What will reopen, what won’t, as Yucatan reopens its economy

Yucatan's reopening will be according to the COVID-19 traffic light

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Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal announced late Wednesday which businesses can reopen and which ones cannot in a series of “waves.”

The first wave in reopening Yucatan’s economy will begin slowly and cautiously, but no dates have been set.

Restaurants, beauty salons and health clinics will operate at 25% of capacity and only by appointment. Shopping malls will still be closed but small shops can operate curbside. Larger shops — over 150 square meters — can invite a limited number of customers in.

This stage will allow construction projects to begin or resume. Hotels will also re-open, but only at 10% capacity and only for work accommodation.

The first wave will not open bars and churches. Non-essential activities, such as live shows and events that attract crowds, will not be allowed, either.

The ban on alcohol sales will be lifted Monday, although at first restricted to delivery service.

The first non-essential companies opened May 18 when auto parts manufacturers and factories in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors reopened under strict sanitary measures.

No dates have been announced for the wave. New coronavirus infections continue to increase, although the rate of increase appears to have slowed somewhat. But they will unfold each Thursday under a federal “traffic light” system based on coronavirus data.

When the second wave comes, hotel capacity will be increased to 15% and restaurants to 50%.

Schools, churches, concert and theatrical venues, bars and malls will reopen in the third wave. Hotel operations will be increased to 25% and leisure travelers will be welcomed. Restaurant operations will increase to 75%.

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