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What you need to know about moving your household goods to Mexico

A guide for new expats has been published and is available for free download

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A guide to moving your personal belongings from Canada or the United States to Mexico is available as a free download. Photo: File

We recently caught up with Chuck Bolotin, CEO of Best Mexico Movers, to ask him about his company’s recent publication, What You Need to Know About Moving Your Household Goods to Mexico. Excerpts of that interview follow:

YEL: Why did Best Mexico Movers create and publish a guide about moving to Mexico?

CB: We published our guide to moving to Mexico for much the same reason why Yucatan Expat Life was founded, which is to reduce the clutter and noise surrounding living in Mexico and by so doing, allow people to just more enjoy their lives here. In our case, we also focus on the time before people move here, so that they can prepare and reduce lots of the unknowns and therefore, the anxiety of their move. In the end, we want people to actually enjoy the move, and we endeavor to make that happen.

YEL: Who is your guide designed to help?

CB: Anyone who is newly moving to Mexico can benefit from reading our guide, not only those who have large amounts of household goods to move to Mexico, but also those who have much smaller amounts and who do not need a mover, all the way to those who aren’t moving anything at all, but who have questions about how to navigate moving to Mexico in the easiest and most enjoyable fashion possible. For example, we have lots of tips and insider information that would be useful to anyone, whether they need a mover or not.

YEL: Let’s elaborate a bit more on why Best Mexico Movers wrote the guide. Isn’t the information in the guide already available in other places?

CB: You would think it would be, but we couldn’t find it, and we kept getting asked questions from people who wanted to move to Mexico that not only indicated to us that the information was not already out there in a way that people could easily find and understand it, but that much of the information out there was just wrong.

YEL: Can you give us some examples of information that is wrong?

CB: Lots of information on the internet in general and Facebook, in particular, is not correct. There are lots of reasons for this, including people who represent themselves as experts who are not (so they’re just plain wrong); to people reporting how to import your household goods that may have been accurate for their situation when they did it that is no longer correct, because either the rules have changed (which happens a lot in Mexico) or the situation is different for your move than for theirs because they cleared at a certain port of entry and the rules are different at other ports of entries.

YEL: There was an interesting discussion in your guide to moving to Mexico about how much someone moving here should move. Could you tell us a bit about that?

CB: Just from a human decency point of view, I never understood how someone on Facebook could tell a complete stranger the proper amount of that complete stranger’s household goods that person should bring. When people ask me how much they should bring, the only opinion I give is that what they are asking is a values question, that what one person finds value in may be completely different than another person. And who am I to tell you what is important in your life? We give some guidelines for thinking about this in our guide, which I believe are very important to know. One of our main themes is “Don’t let yourself be bullied.”

YEL: You also mentioned that the guide would be useful for people who may not need a mover.  Please tell us more about that.

CB: Not everyone needs a mover. Sometimes, the amount the person needs to move is small enough that they can do it themselves, and it would be much less expensive than using a legitimate mover like us. We help people to think that through.

By clicking on the links, YEL readers and followers can download What You need to Know About Moving your Household Goods to Mexico for free. Visit Best Mexico Movers for lots of other valuable information, including answers to frequently asked questions about moving to Mexico.

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