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Who’s your Uber driver? Selfie technology will verify their IDs

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Uber drivers in Mexico have another security hurdle to cross. Photo: Getty

Mérida, Yucatán — Is that really Alejandro in a Nissan Versa three minutes away?

Uber drivers will be asked to update their profile photos periodically to verify their identities.

Random checks will instruct drivers to take a selfie, using the Uber app, before meeting their next customer. The selfie, which has to be taken in a well-lit area, will be checked against the driver’s head shot on file.

Microsoft’s “Real Time ID Check” system is meant to help prevent imposters behind the wheel. The technology rolled out in the United States in September 2016.

Uber first tested the face-recognition technology in China, a market that has had fake-driver problems. Certified Uber drivers cannot share their account with friends and family, but many are tempted to get more work hours in the day.

Customers who summon an Uber driver on their smartphones see a head shot of who’s coming. The make and model of the car is also shared, as well as the license plate number and their rider rating. The driver also has customer ratings, as assessed by past drivers.

Active drivers will also receive a notification eight days in advance to report to Uber facilities and renew their official photographs. Drivers who do not comply will be blocked.

Source: Press releases

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