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Why did a blockchain tech company choose Merida?

Avocado eyes a growing campus in Campestre

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A tech company with global clients chose Merida, Yucatan, to set up shop. Photo: Courtesy

With potential customers around the globe, a Mexican company that opened a blockchain technology development campus in June could have set up shop anywhere.

So why did they choose Merida?

“We believe that Merida is a city that has many facilities to put a technology office, there is a lot of talent in the region, they have a good airport, they have good connectivity, there are good services, it is a very safe city,” explained Ingmar Frey, one of the founding partners of the firm.

The ActiveX campus in Col. Campestre so far has its first six developers, all specialists in blockchain technology.

In Frey’s words, published in a recent El Financiero interview, the goal is for this firm to offer a collaborative environment for developers to train, learn from each other and share their experiences to facilitate solving problems at work.

“You are in a very nice office with a lot of colleagues who are solving the same kind of problems that you, with whom you can talk if you get stuck, who help you, with which you have a challenging environment you will not have very easily in other offices,” he said.

The company offers “staffing,” that is, they train blockchain developers who will offer their services to other companies.

In addition to the training in programming, the developers have professional trainers who teach English for business and one for nutrition and meditation.

To enter the six-month training program at Avocado, applicants are vetted first by solving an everyday problem that the programmers might experience.

A blockchain is a database that is shared across a network of computers. Once a record has been added to the chain it is very difficult to change. A blockchain developer must master at least three high-level programming languages ​such as C#, Java, Python, Java Script. But that doesn’t necessarily predict a good blockchain engineer, said Raul Ramírez, an Avocado partner.

Applicants must have experience participating in open-source projects. But the final qualification is intangible.

“We think that a happy developer writes happy code, they are at the center of the whole strategy,” Ramirez said.

Source: El Financiero

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