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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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We’ve just released of the ninth issue of our magazine, and for the first time, we’re tackling the topics of health care and wellness. And am I ever so glad that we are. 

Yucatán’s reputation for quality health care is growing quickly, and the region is chock full of spas and retreats that help people maintain their minds, bodies, and souls. You can’t spit without hitting a yoga class. 

The region also has a reputation for obesity and diabetes, which are at epidemic levels. 

For this issue’s Just Asking page, we surveyed readers on the healthy changes they’ve made since moving here. Just Asking normally garners about 20 or 30 good responses. This time, we got zilch. So we’re skipping Just Asking this issue. 

All the more reason for The Wellness Issue. It’s a reminder of the resources at arm’s length to regain, maintain, and enjoy good health. 

And that includes mental and emotional health. We’ve seen enough to know for sure that many of us came here with serious baggage. Moving abroad is rewarding but doesn’t solve any real problems. In fact, living in a new country has its challenges and stressors. See our Expat Happiness story on that topic. 

As we’ve expanded our scope, we met “JJ” at Bangin’ Body, who leads by example from her Mérida studio and makes working out fun. We also found an informal community of friends at Parque de la Alemán, keeping each other accountable in a quest to keep their bodies moving. We tap into Yucatán’s ancient healing heritage and bounty of superfoods. And we have tips for the over-40 crowd on keeping fit and strong.  

Snowbirds planning to return this fall will also want to know about hospital and surgery center options. We see that the Peninsula has kept up with the latest medical technology. It will also be a good time to plan skincare treatments — both cosmetic and clinical — which are worth considering having here. 

As Mérida inches toward being a significant medical tourism hub, we are watching the region’s healthcare options blossom. And as we inch toward our golden years, we are happy to see that happen.

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