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Women express their feelings through artful textiles

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A textile workshop will present an art exhibit of their work at El Zapote gallery. Photo: Markéta Loman Vogelová

Mérida, Yucatán — Strands are mixed and matched, creating a diversity of shapes and figures, sometimes merging with natural elements such as palms, pods and small trunks.

The resulting art pieces comprise the exhibition “Senderos Tejidos,” which opens today at 7 p.m. at the El Zapote gallery.

The collective exhibition features the creative output 15 women, some local and some expats, who were guided by artist Markéta Loman Vogelová.

Seeing the result of several months of work and the variety of pieces created by her students, Markéta decided the artwork merited an exhibit.

The artists, who used recycled or found objects, designed artful purses, bags, pillows and rugs, among other things, embellished with unexpected elements like the image of a cat, or of the pyramid at Chichén Itzá.

The instructor says that students learn to knit in a frame with a wire grid, to create a base upon which they can unleash their creativity.

The exhibition, with more than 40 pieces on display, will remain on view in the gallery until Sept. 28. El Zapote is located at Calle 57th, No. 545-A between 66 and 68, Centro (map).

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