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About those women on the president’s jet

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The three indigenous women from Yucatan who flew to Mexico City on the presidential plane had the ride of their lives.

The news agency EFE identified Fatima Chay Chi, who was part of a presidential visit to Yucatán, as the catalyst for the trip. The event in Maxcanú was staged by the National Commission for the Development of Indian Peoples and the Foundation for Indenous Heritage MX, which is headed by singer Miguel Bosé, for the signing of an agreement to provide support to Mayan youths.


The young woman told the president that she had never been to Mexico City and had never traveled by plane. So Enrique Peña Nieto invited Fatima, who wants to study civil engineering, to return with him to the capital along with her friend, Laigxa Canul, and Cecilio Chi Indian Children’s Home director Leticia Cuevas.

The women were flown by helicopter to the airport in Mérida, where they boarded the official presidential jet for the trip to Mexico City.

A helicopter took the president’s guests from the Mexico City airport to Los Pinos, where they were welcomed by first lady Angelica Rivera. Peña Nieto then headed a tour of the residence, joined by Koa, the president’s daughter’s dog.

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