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Workshop painters exhibit their art at Posada Toledo

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Posada Toledo’s art workshop is hosting an exhibit this Friday. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — Oils, acrylics and drawings — all the fruits of an artists’ workshop — will be on public view starting 8 p.m. Friday at the Galería Posada Toledo.

The gallery is adjacent to the hotel at Calle 57 and 58.

Eighteen exhibitors of varying experience will present more than 50 works that were guided by teachers Alonso Gutiérrez, Manuel May Tilán and Octavio Peniche.

The exhibition includes abstracts, portraits and drawings of different subjects and formats, explains Elizabeth Pasos Millet, the gallery director.

Students work at the Posada Toledo Cultural Center in Col. Buenavista, where she told Diario de Yucatán that she sees each students’ progress.

Participants in the sample thank the teachers for their patience, generosity and methods to convey their knowledge. They consider that this course was very useful and enriching their work. “There is always something more to learn in painting,” they agree.

Ligia Lozano’s “Abstracción de flores”; Wanda Rubio’s “Marina”; Blanca Urbina’s “Orígenes”; Alejandra Cervera’s “Estudio de pies”; Noemí Tapia’s “Pájaro toh”; Landy Cardós’ “Mila”; María Antonieta Ceceñas “Autorretrato”, y Beatriz Brown con “Cristina”.

María del Carmen Franco Baqueiro contributed “Retrato de modelo”; María Teresa Méndez Castro, “Figuras en rosa”, and Elizabeth Pasos, “En la playa.” The exhibit also includes Sabrina Riojano, Armandina Guerra, Bertha Suárez, Cecilia Rodríguez, Judith Ortega, Ana Maldonado and Enrique Montalvo.

The Cultural Center offers painting and drawing classes with Alonso Gutiérrez teaching how to paint the human figure; Manuel May Tilán, tones and nuances, and Octavio Peniche, drawing.

For Alonso, painting “is a passion, it is a facility that people bring and even a hobby, but it is necessary to cultivate it through training.”

The Cultural Center will open its cycle of courses again at the end of September and can be reached at 999-923-1690.

The exhibition can be visited until July 15, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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