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Would you move here again? 75.8% here say ‘yes’

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Expats in Mexico: A Research Study found a strong majority of respondents to be happy with their decision to move to Yucatán.

But their reasons for doing so vary.

Reaching 1,129 English-speaking expats across Mexico between Feb. 9 and March 11, Chuck Bolotin of Best Places in the World to Retire  describes the report as “a must-read” for anyone considering moving anywhere in Mexico.

“This study contains the answers to the most basic, most interesting questions about people moving to Mexico. Why did they do it? What were their expectations? What were their fears? What surprised them? How did it all turn out?” said Bolotin.

In Yucatán, nearly 64.8 percent surveyed wanted more affordable, quality health care. Others had more emotional reasons.

Nearly 82 percent cited “a simpler, less stressful life,” almost the same percentage who moved for better weather and a lower cost of living. Just under half wanted a “less materialistic, or more meaningful life.”

“I moved here because most people in the U.S. have forgotten how to truly live, be happy and grateful for what they have,” said one female respondent who moved here in her 50s. “…and I hope to never have to live back in the U.S. again!”

“We have so much more time to spend with our children now and they’re experiencing the world in a way that will forever change them,” said a mom living in Mérida for under two years.

“Having lived abroad for most of my life, I found that Mérida encompassed all the joys and plusses I found in other countries in one magical place,” said a woman over 65 living in Mérida between six and 10 years. “The weather and people remind one of gentle Asia, the architecture is European, the love of music and dance is reminiscent of Africa, and much of the cuisine in Mérida comes to us directly from the Middle East. The warmth, approachability, and kindness of Meridanos, however, is all their own, and I don’t think it can be found elsewhere on this planet!”

Expats coming from the United Kingdom were more likely than those from the U.S. or Canada to say they came to Mexico for “a fresh start.”

Nearly 76 percent in Yucatán gave an emphatic “very much yes” when asked if they would move here again if they could re-consider their decision. That said, a Yucatán resident said that living in Mérida “is fast becoming more and more like living in Florida.”

Nationally, “I don’t know” and “probably not” both came in at under 4 percent of respondents and just 1.6 percent responded “absolutely not” to the question.

Yucatán Expat Life and several other Mexico-based English-language media outlets assisted Bolotin in reaching expats living in Mexico.

Read the entire study by downloading the PDF e-book.

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