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Xmatkuil fairgrounds to be amusement park

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Xmatkuil fairgrounds south of Merida.
Xmatkuil fairgrounds south of Merida.

In two years the Xmatkuil fairgrounds — used chiefly today for the November state fair and Carnaval in February — will become a year-round amusement park with extreme games, a water park, arenas, interactive attractions and a new rodeo arena.

In exchange for underwriting the 129-million-peso project, Modelo Brewery will have a 15-year exclusive beer contract at X’matkuil. Taxpayers pay nothing in the deal.

The first phase of construction involves paving 220,000 square meters of parking for 9,000 vehicles, tollbooths and signage. Next year, when Modelo Brewery pays the balance of the costs, a water play area with slides, pools and other attractions more will be built, all to be open on weekends.

Also on the list: an interactive zone with a butterfly habitat, a working farm and an orchid plantation.

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