Yucatan: 12 unique activities for an unforgettable trip

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Mexico is one of the best places to visit in the world. Indeed, it has such a deep and rich culture for you to discover. One of the best-known aspects has to be the food, is available in nearly every country in the world, but it tastes the best in Mexico. There are a lot of different known celebrations from Mexico such as The Day of the Dead and others.

Moreover, one of the biggest remains of culture in Mexico is obviously the Maya peoples. And what better place to experience this culture than in Yucatan. Yucatan is a must-see in Mexico because of all the different activities there are and that we are going to present in this article. 

 Yucatan and the region of central America is one of the most beautiful to see. An innovative idea would be to visit all of these: Bahamas, Cuba, Yucatan and South America in a long trip using a private jet to go from one destination to another. You don’t have to own a private jet, you can rent one at an affordable price at private jet rental companies such as AEROAFFAIRES.

Visit Chichen Itza and the remains of Maya culture 

As we said earlier, Yucatan is one of the places in Mexico with the richest culture and remains of the Maya and much more.

If you go to Yucatan, you have to visit the Chichen Itza. This typical Maya structure is not to be missed while you stay. It is one of the most visited places in the country and is a UNESCO world heritage site, it is a guaranteed breathtaking experience. You need to take a photo with one of the most magnificent remains of this Maya culture that is “El Castillo”. The site has more than 5 kilometers of archaeological findings, and stone buildings in a wildlife environment.

One other Maya culture site that is less known is Uxmal, where you can visit Maya temples and also a lot of different remains of this wonderful site. If you are looking for the remains of a Maya city you can go to Coba, a totally different way of being introduced to the Maya culture as you can walk or even bicycle in the remains of this city. The local environment is amazing also with lagoons and forests. 

Enjoy the aquatic life

There are a lot of aquatic activities that you can decide to do while you are in the Yucatan region. 

Indeed, Yucatan has wonderful beaches and transparent waters with exotic sea life to observe. If you are a fan of snorkeling, this is the place for you as you can swim with sea turtles while snorkeling. For example, near Akumal beach it is possible. 

Moreover, you can also decide to swim with whale sharks if you feel adventurous. Finally, another known spot for exotic scuba diving is the island of Cozumel where there is a lot of unique marine life to observe, as well. 

Different from the ocean, you can also take a swim in Cenotes, which is a natural freshwater sinkhole that is usually found in the forest of the region. 

Finally, you have to go and see las Coloradas, which are the famous pink lakes that are absolutely mind-blowing to witness in real life, as you have most surely seen in photos on Instagram. 

Partying in Cancun

Yucatan’s region is not only known for aquatic life and Maya culture, but also for being the best place to party in the world!

You must have heard about Cancun and its famous parties, especially during summer break. Well, Cancun is in the Yucatan region, you can decide to go partying after all of the sightseeing and aquatic life! Enjoy its nightlife, hotels, and wonderful beaches.

Relaxing in Tulum

After partying in Cancun, you can decide to relax in Tulum. The place is known for resorts and relaxing paradisiac beaches with white sand and transparent sea. It is also a known place for yoga, so you can decide to meditate and relax after all of your activities so far. 

Sightseeing in Yucatan’s Region

A must-see city is Mérida. Indeed, Mérida is the capital of Yucatan and is very interesting to discover as it has old colonial-style buildings with modern times and remains of the Maya culture. You must try local restaurants there as they are an absolute treat. 

Another city you will want to visit is Valladolid. Indeed, it is quite similar to Mérida as it has kept its colonial buildings and architectural style, and it is very authentic.

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