Yucatan Animal Network warns of increasing cat adoptions for macabre purposes

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

The Yucatan Animal Network Facebook community, which is focused on pet rescues, is issuing a timely warning about witchcraft and sacrificial rituals common to the season.

Black and white cats in particular are in demand, from some quarters, Red Animal warns.

In one post, they point out that in this month of October “sick people and without any mercy towards animals look for black and white cats to sacrifice them in black masses during the Halloween period.”

Domestic felines can even be cat-napped from their homes by people knowing that a black market exists for sacrificial animals.

“In September, adopters appear desperate to take that nice black kitten you have for adoption,” they warned.

White cats are used for purification and black cats are preferred for black magic. In a pinch, any color cat will suffice, they said.

Anyone with a cat for adoption is advised to wait for November, when it’s more likely the pet will find a suitable home, said the animal-rights network. Pets should be kept indoors all month.

Source: Sipse

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