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Yucatán back to orange, but no new dry law or restrictions

Vaccines arrive for residents in their 40s, 50s

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More coronavirus vaccines arrive Thursday in Mérida via military aircraft. Photo: Courtesy

Yucatán is symbolically back in “orange,” but as promised, the state government added no new restrictions Thursday evening. That includes no restrictions on alcohol sales, a possibility that was widely rumored.

The rollback before the epidemiological traffic light followed weeks of dramatically higher hospitalizations and COVID-19 infections.

Meanwhile, a batch of 149,350 vaccine doses arrived in Yucatán. They are set for 50-year-olds awaiting their second doses in Kanasín, Progreso, Timizín and Valladolid starting today. The same age group in Mérida, Umán and Bucczotz will also receive second and final doses at dates to be determined.

They will also go to residents in their 40s, waiting for their initial inoculations, and living in Valladolid, Ticul, Tekax, Motul, Peto, Río Lagartos and SanFelipe.

Health authorities announced 285 new positive cases on Thursday alone — more than five times what they were in mid-May. Public hospitalizations were at 305 while 1,923 patients had mild symptoms and allowed to recover at home.

New patients are tracking younger, and more often with milder symptoms, health officials said.

Nine patient died in the last 24 hours, including a 35-year-old.

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