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Yucatán called world’s 2nd most peaceful place to be

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People celebrate as the sun rises on the spring equinox at the Seven Dolls Temple, in the Maya Ruins of Dzibilchaltun, in Yucatán, on March 20. Photo: Elizabeth Ruiz/AFP/Getty Images

Yucatán state is considered the most peaceful region in Mexico. We all knew that.

But now the Index of Peace Mexico 2017 has come out and shows the state to be peaceful on a global scale. It ranks second for tranquility, up there with Iceland, Denmark and New Zealand.

A communiqué shared by the Directorate General of Social Communication was reported in Milenio on Wednesday.

According to the IPM, which bases its results on reported intentional homicides, gun-related or violent crimes, unjustified detentions and organized crime, Yucatán 1.239 on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 reflects “absolute absence of violence or fear of violence;” and 5 is “an absence of peace and tranquility.”

Iceland was on top of the list of peaceful countries at 1.192. If Yucatán were a country, it would have been No. 2. Canada and the United States are geographic neighbors, but they’re far apart on the list. Canada is No. 8 and the U.S. ranks 103, just two points off from Brazil. The bottom of the list, at 163, is Syria.

The newspapers may not be devoid of violence, but compared the rest of the world, Yucatán is holding up statistically.

See an interactive map relaying IPM’s findings here.

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