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Yucatan coronavirus count up to 13; another 29 cases under study

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A woman cooks food outside a mercado in Mexico City while wearing protective mask a preventive measure against the spread of Coronavirus. Massive events have been suspended and schools will be closed starting March 20. Photo: Jaime Lopez / Jam Media / Getty Images

Yucatan has 13 patients who have tested positive for coronavirus, Health Secretary Mauricio Sauri Vivas said Thursday.

The patients are stable and staying in their homes under monitoring, he said. Meanwhile, another 29 people with symptoms that could be coronavirus have been tested and are awaiting results.

In neighboring Quintana Roo, six people are confirmed to have coronavirus. And in Campeche, two people close to 60 years old are under observation with what doctors suspect is coronavirus. They are isolated at home, also waiting for test results.

Mexico recently added 46 new cases, bringing the national total to 164 and one fatality. Worldwide, Covid-19 continues its spread. Italy surpassed China when it reported 3,405 deaths. China, where the virus originated, reported no new infections for two consecutive days. Over 10,000 people have died worldwide.

Prince Albert II of Monaco became the first head of state affected by the coronavirus, but “his health is not a concern,” according to an official statement.

Bank of America reported Thursday that it reduced its growth forecast for the Mexican economy for 2020, to a fall of 4.5 percent from the -0.1 percent expected, due to the strong contraction calculated for the United States economy due to the effects of the coronavirus.

The spread of the pandemic will have a direct impact on Mexican manufacturing activity for months, given Mexico’s extensive trade relationship with the United States.

The Mexican peso continued its fall, losing 49 cents and exchanging at the close of the session at 24.42 per wholesale dollar, despite the announcement of the opening of a swap line from the United States Federal Reserve to the country.

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