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Yucatán coronavirus deaths at September highs while new cases drop

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Yucatán’s coronavirus fatalities last week edged upward to an average of 11 per day, five more than the beginning of January. It was the state’s deadliest week since September.

In seven days, 78 COVID-19 patients died, including 10 reported Saturday. Fatalities ranged between 38 and 80. The deaths follow January’s post-holiday surge.

Infections, meanwhile, dropped this week for the first time in late December. Another 78 new cases were documented in the 24 hours leading to Saturday evening’s health ministry briefing, breaking a three-day run of triple-digit daily infections. The week ended with 97.5 daily infections on average, compared with 125 a week before.

Public hospitalizations are the same as a week ago at 217. Patients in quarantine were down by 68.

Since April, 3,222 coronavirus patients have died and an estimated 30,616 people have contracted the disease. Actual numbers are thought to be much higher because Mexico lacks large-scale testing.

Infections announced Saturday included 55 Mérida, five in San Felipe, three in Kanasín, two in Maxcanú, Progreso, Tizimín and Valladolid; two foreigners; and one in Baca, Conkal, Motul, Muna and Tekax. Fatalities included seven from Mérida, one from Tizimín and two from Tekax.

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