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Yucatán coronavirus infections spike: 77 new cases every day

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Mérida residents wait their turn for an AstraZeneca vaccination Saturday under the shed behind the city’s former train station. The vaccination campaign has been widely praised as orderly and efficient since it reached the capital city. Photo: Lee Steele

Two consecutive months of Yucatán’s declining coronavirus numbers were setback when daily cases averaged 77 between April 4 and Saturday. The week before, daily new cases had averaged 56.6.

Daily new infections topped 100 twice this week, the first time Yucatán health officials reported triple-digit cases in over two weeks. That number is still well below late-January numbers when daily new infections at one point reached 201 and weekly averages went a high as 125 new cases every 24 hours.

Despite the previous decline in new COVID cases, daily fatalities have remained around nine or 10 since the beginning of March. Another 73 new patients were registered Saturday, health officials said.

Seven men and three women, with an age range of 56 to 89 years, died in the previous 24 hours, officials said.

Public hospitalizations declined for a third straight day, with 164 admissions by late Saturday. The number of coronavirus patients under home quarantine dropped by five to reach 376.

Since the pandemic hit Yucatán in March 2020, 87% of local coronavirus patients have survived. Most of the state’s 3,883 fatalities involved comorbidities such as diabetes and obesity, two epidemic-level health concerns in Yucatán.

Infections continued to be widespread. While 55 of the new cases were based in Mérida, another five were in Kanasín, two in Valladolid and one each in Espita, Homún, Izamal, Panabá, Progreso, Telchac Pueblo, Tixkokob, Tizimín, Tunkás and Umán.

A shipment of 12,870 coronavirus vaccines arrived Saturday in Yucatán. These are heading Monday to people over 60 in Progreso, Temozón and Tixkokob who need a final jab of the needle. The vaccination program in Mérida, Yucatán’s largest city, continues until April 18.

Residents who registered and receive a text message may receive other instructions.

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