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Monday, July 4, 2022

1-year-old infected as Yucatan enters ‘epidemic phase’

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The Ministry of Health delivers new ventilators to several ambulances that are dispatched to carry new COVID-19 patients. Photo: Courtesy

Yucatan found 42 new coronavirus infections Tuesday and announced four deaths as the state officially entered the “epidemic phase.”

Among the new patients is a 1-year-old baby, the youngest since the pandemic reached the state in March.

A 57-year-old Conkal man with a history of hypertension died, as did a 76-year-old Baca man with diabetes, hypertension and COPD. A 64-year-old Merida man with hypertension and chronic kidney failure; and a 65-year-old Merida woman, whose only pre-existing condition was rheumatoid arthritis, also perished. Yucatan has reached 53 deaths, including three foreigners.

Of the accumulated 656 patients, 322 have recovered and 195 patients are stable and isolated in their homes. Another 86 are in the hospital, a jump of 15 since yesterday and erasing a two-day decline in hospitalizations. The oldest patient is 94, but it is unknown whether he or she is at home or admitted to a hospital.

Epidemic phase

Yucatan is beginning the COVID-19 “epidemic phase” with at least 20% of hospital beds and 15% of beds with mechanical ventilation fans occupied, according to the federal Ministry of Health.

The numbers are sobering:

  • In the last week, the coronavirus in Yucatan increased by 154%.
  • Since the first infections were announced March 13 until Sunday, new cases averaged 11.94 a day.
  • Since the first two deaths April 3, Yucatan has averaged one to two deaths daily.
  • Coronavirus has been found in 49% of Yucatan’s 106 municipalities.
  • Nine municipalities in Yucatan comprise 84 percent of the state’s cases: Merida, Valladolid, Uman, Hunucmá, Kanasín, Ticul, Tekax, Mama and Maxcanú.
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