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Yucatán COVID cases dropping, for now, as recoveries outnumber infections

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Yucatán’s daily coronavirus infections have fallen below 250 since Oct. 1, health ministry reports indicate.

Cases this month are down by an average of 50 a day. In September, a surge brought close to 300 cases on some days.

Daily deaths are practically unchanged, however. On Wednesday’s daily briefing, Yucatán health authorities reported that 15 people lost their lives, equal to September’s average fatality count.

Five men and 10 women ranging in age from 33 to 88 lost their lives, doctors said.

New cases Wednesday totaled 234 to reach 72,136 since the pandemic reached Yucatán. Public hospitals isolated 211 patients, five more than the day before.

Home quarantines were down by 57 while 271 patients were given a clean bill of health. It was the fifth consecutive day that recoveries outnumbered new cases.

In the last week, over 44,000 vaccines were administered in Yucatán, bringing the grand total to 2.3 million since January, reported the Yucatan health secretariat (SSY).

That means 1.4 million people here have received at least one dose. The campaign to inoculate residents over 40 has pivoted to address younger people.

Practically all adults from 30 to 39 have already been administered an initial dose and 44% of them are fully vaccinated. For people between 18 and 29, 37% are fully vaxxed.

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