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Yucatán COVID cases plunge 33% as officials hint at green light

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The head of the Yucatán health ministry said the state is on a path to a green light on the coronavirus alert system. Already Yucatán is green on the federal map.

Optimism was backed up with encouraging data.

The week ended with a 33% decline in new coronavirus cases compared to the previous seven days. Hospitalizations were at 102, more than a third of what they were in summer and a record low for the year.

“As of today, all our indicators are down in hospital occupancy, admissions, positivity, infection rates and occupancy of intensive care beds. That is good news and that speaks of the good work that the Yucatecans are doing,” said Mauricio Sauri Vivas, the health ministry official.

Sauri Vivas still strongly advised citizens not to get too casual about precautions. Facemasks are still required practically everywhere.

Saturday’s health briefing reported 110 new cases and nine deaths, including that of an 18-year-old patient.

Daily new cases averaged 138.8 this week, compared with 208 last week and 230.7 the week before. Deaths have dropped by a third since the beginning of the month, official data also indicates.

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