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Yucatán COVID cases tripled in 2 weeks, but no deaths for 6 weeks

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Daily COVID-19 cases in Yucatán tripled since May 1, health ministry data shows.

Infections reached 43 on Friday and 42 on Saturday, the highest numbers since early March.

Another 228 coronavirus cases were counted this week by the Yucatán health ministry, an average of 32 a day compared to 27 last week.

No deaths were reported for the sixth straight week, and public hospitalizations remained low, with nine patients admitted Saturday.

That means most people who contracted the virus are simply staying home, muddling through mild symptoms. As of Saturday, there were 352 such muddlers, supervised by health authorities.

Reported cases were mainly confined to larger population centers — Mérida, Kanasín and Progreso — which possibly says more about the state’s testing capacity than about the actual spread of the coronavirus.

Since spring 2020, 93% of Yucatán’s 110,354 listed patients survived their battle with COVID-19.

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