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Yucatán COVID patient 1st to die in 49 days

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Coronavirus cases rose steadily in a week that ended with Yucatán’s first COVID fatality since April 2.

A 32-year-old Mérida man with immunosuppression succumbed to the virus, the Yucatán health ministry said.

Yucatán detected 400 new cases this week, compared to 228 the week before. The true number of cases is always thought to be many times higher.

Another 77 new cases were reported, with the vast majority of the patients — 591 as of Saturday — recovering at home with mild symptoms. Public hospital admissions declined by one to reach five.

Patients range in age from one month to 107 years.

The rise in cases, following the holidays and an end to the mask mandate in open spaces, has been stark. The month began with cases in the mid-teens but rose steadily to the 70s by the end of this week.

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