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Yucatán curfew: Vehicle restrictions almost at the end of the road

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A road curfew that kept non-emergency vehicles off the road after 11 p.m. will end Monday, Oct. 4.

Yucatán authorities earlier had eased up on coronavirus restrictions, limiting them to weekends. They also allowed shops and restaurants to open later from Sunday to Wednesday.

Citing the vaccination campaign’s progress, the health ministry on Sunday announced a total elimination of the road curfew.

The curfew complicated the lives of night-shift workers as well as travelers headed to the airport. But the measure was meant to discourage partying and socializing during the pandemic.

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Doctors also reported 241 new COVID-19 cases and 15 deaths, including four patients who were under 50.

Public hospitals reported 15 fewer patients and 21 more at-home quarantines during Sunday’s briefing.

Yucatán coronavirus cases have totaled 67,759 since March 2020 and 5,793 deaths since April 2020, indicating an 87.5% recovery rate.

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