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Yucatan ‘dry law’ to last through May, governor says

A May 16-31 dry law 'for the health of Yucatecans'

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Yucatan under the dry law. Photo: Punto Medio

That stash of booze will have to stretch another couple of weeks. Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal said today he’s extending the “dry law” until the end of the month.

The governor, interviewed on Radio Formula Yucatan, spoke about the companies that will be allowed to open Monday to return to the “new normal.”

But what won’t return is legal alcohol sales. Vila Dosal admitted the measure is unpopular, but stated that Yucatan’s health is a priority over access to beer, wine and liquor.

The current “ley seca,” which ends Friday, will be replaced with a new May 16-31 dry law “for the health of Yucatecans.”

When people drink, they relax and stop complying with health standards, he said. The ban has also cut down on calls to emergency services because traffic accidents have been greatly reduced, he added.

Earlier this week, photos circulated on social media purporting to show retailers stocking their liquor shelves. It was seen incorrectly by several commenters as a sign of the dry spell’s eventual end.

The alcohol sales ban started with only hours warning on April 10, in the midst of the Easter holiday. It was extended again May 1.

Vila Dosal asked residents to stay home and comply with hygiene standards because “we are in the most crucial part of the pandemic” with COVID-19 cases as well as deaths still on the rise in Yucatan.

Officials announced three deaths and the most infections in 24 hours since May 5. Since the crisis began, 932 cases and 83 fatalities have been reported in Yucatan, a state with around 2 million people.

But aerospace, aeronautical and automotive manufacturing will start up again on Monday, and more businesses will phase in starting June 1 if conditions allow, he said.

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