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Boutique hotels blessed with Easter guests

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Yucatan Easter
Rosas & Xocolate in Mérida, Yucatán

Mérida, Yucatán — Enjoying increased foreign trade, boutique hotels with four- and five-star accommodations are reporting 90 percent occupancy for Holy Week and many are reporting a full house for Easter weekend.

Canadian, American and European tourists are packing the increasing numbers of smaller, upscale hotels in the city, according to the president of the Tourism Business Council (Cetur), Jorge Escalante Bolio.

In total, Escalante Bolio said that 60 percent of visitors coming to enjoy a Yucatán Easter are Mexican nationals and 40 percent foreigners from Canada, the United States, Korea and Europe. There are at least 90 larger-scale hotels in Mérida with a wide range of prices and perks, and nearly as many bed-and-breakfast guesthouses and lodges, according to TripAdvisor.

Promotions pay off abroad

The vice president of tourism activities and cultural heritage of the Canacome, Carol Kolozs Fischer said that thanks to promotional campaigns conducted by state and federal officials in other countries, Yucatán is a fashionable destination. Kolozs is also owner of boutique hotel Rosas & Xocolate.

Kolozs Fischer indicated that domestic tourism is also important: “… It is very important to ensure that during the weekend, tourists have options to choose from. I want to go to this beach, I want to go to this cenote. I want to go these people and in doing so receive a good service and have entertainment options,” he said.

Although Easter is early this year, a massive influx of day trippers are also expected at the beach, as usual.

Semana Santa is important to the hospitality industry because it traditionally marks the beginning of the end of the high season for tourism, particularly with domestic guests.

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