Yucatan extends delivery-only alcohol sales another 7 days

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Yucatan’s delivery-only edict on alcohol sales is extended another week.

The state government announced that beer, wine and liquor can be purchased only by delivery until June 17, a phase-out from a weeks-long dry law meant to contain the public’s behavior during the pandemic.

The restaurants that have been allowed to reopen their dining rooms can offer booze, but not for takeout.

Shoppers on food-delivery apps such as Cornershop or Rappi still complain that their adult-beverage purchases are canceled while their carts are being filled, indicating a remaining disconnect between stores and delivery platforms.

Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal had warned that he would reevaluate the provision before it expired June 10. The extension came with the news that coronavirus deaths reached a new high of 12 in 24 hours while 45 new infections were detected. The law could be extended once again, or a total alcohol sales ban could resume, at any time.

Under the limits, if you drink beer, you can drink more.

Binge purchasing is still curtailed, allowing just one bottle of wine or liquor or a case of beer cans at a time. So-called “caguama” beers, sold in stout 940-milliliter bottles, are limited to nine. The even larger bottles, called “misiles,” are limited to seven per customers.

For wine and liquor, just one bottle of up to 1,250 milliliters is permitted per purchase.

Upon arrival, the purchase an only be received by shoppers of legal age with ID in hand, said state authorities.

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