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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Yucatán faces resistance as COVID spread continues

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A “World Wide Rally for Freedom” was held on the Paseo de Montejo to protest pandemic-related restrictions. Photo: Diario de Yucatán

Eleven women and six men died Saturday from COVID-19 complications, Yucatan health officials said.

Meanwhile, another 271 new cases were reported and 270 patients recovered.

The data indicate little to no traction in Yucatán’s fight against coronavirus. The needle has barely moved in two weeks: Daily fatalities are unchanged and infections are down 2.5% compared with the previous week, but cases are up 15% from a month ago.

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Fatalities included a 47-year-old Mérida man with no comorbidities. A 93-year-old male from Valladolid also died with no contributing health factors.

Parties halted

Authorities continue to crack down on super-spreader events. An electronic-music rave in Komchen was halted after 200 partygoers were found to be gathering. Police arrested two people who were organizing the event and two others for selling drugs and alcohol.

Earlier in the week, a patriotic bash in Ixil was shut down, local media reported. The celebrations included four bands and illegal alcohol sales. The facilities were shut down.

Owners of facilities that cater to partygoers face fines of up to 180,000 pesos or US$9,000.

Anti-vax protest

Further resistance to pandemic regulations was found Saturday on the Paseo de Montejo.

Dozens of protestors gathered to demonstrate against the curfew and other measures, including face masks and vaccine passports. The event was coordinated with several anti-vaccination rallies throughout the world.

Wílbert Andrade Madera, who led the protest, said they are fighting for peace, respect, and human rights, which includes free movement.

About 30 adults and three children accompanied by their parents carried signs that read “Health is Not Injected” and “Stop the False Pandemic.”

A second rally is planned today in front of the Monumento a la Patria.

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