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Yucatán goes from 0 to 78 daily COVID cases in 6 weeks

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The Yucatán health ministry reported 78 new COVID infections, the highest number of daily new cases since March.

Of these, 56 occurred in Mérida, 11 in Progreso, two in Conkal and Kanasín, and one each in Chapab, Motul, Peto, Tekax, Tekit, Tixkokob and Umán.

The climb in cases began in mid-April, during the Semana Santa, when the daily total was down to zero or one.

Hospitalizations have remained low, at least in public facilities where admissions included six coronavirus patients. An uncounted number are being treated at private hospitals or are uncounted due to limited testing. The other 615 current registered patients have mild symptoms and are at home under quarantine.

Yet more patients awaiting diagnosis. Patients range in age from one month to 107 years.

Since the pandemic reached Yucatán in March 2020, the state has counted 110,973 positive cases. Fatalities reached 6,392 after a Mérida man in his 30s perished Saturday.

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