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Yucatan governor wavers on ending dry law

Stern warning on public behavior if and when the 'ley seca' ends

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Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal addresses the public after a grim update from the health ministry. Photo: Screengrab / Facebook

Monday’s end of the ban on alcohol sales isn’t etched in stone, Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila said in an interview with José Luis Preciado.

Mauricio Vila hinted that the lifting of the dry law, or “ley seca,” has not yet been confirmed.

This contradicts a conversation he had with anchorman Carlos Loret de Mola on national television. On local radio, and three days away from what was to be the end of the dry law, he was less definitive.

“It is a decision that has not been made yet,” said the governor on Radio Formula. “Even if it is decided to resume the sale of intoxicating beverages and reports of parties and meetings begin, it could be canceled.”

Vila reiterated that the return to normalcy in Yucatan has to be done little by little and it will be monitored so.

Yucatan is been shown the red light, which is why the suspension of non-essential activities will continue next week, and the sale of beers and spirits is not an essential activity.

Vila mentioned to José Luis Preciado that the lifting of the prohibition has to be done in a very responsible way to avoid dangerous crowds in liquor outlets. He proposed limiting the first week on delivery-sales only.

If the law is lifted, and drinkers appear irresponsible, the ban on beer, wine and liquor sales will return, he said.

“If we decide to do it and people do not behave exemplary, the reports of parties and meetings begin again, after 10 days we would have to say, ‘gentlemen, we return to where we were,’ ” he warned.

“It is important that people understand that it is a matter of responsibility and between all of us’ we have to do our bit,” the governor concluded.

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