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More wind farms, solar, coming to Yucatán

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yucatan green energySix foreign and domestic companies are investing over 25 billion pesos to develop solar and wind energy in Yucatán, generating over 3,000 jobs here.

Nine separate green-energy projects were announced at a press conference led by Eric Rubio Barthell, the general coordinator of advisors to the state government. The news was broadcast after the state won nine of 18 projects offered in the first Long Term Auction promoted by the Secretariat of Energy (Sener).

The state government projects an economic impact of nearly 8.9 million pesos and the generation of 3,400 construction, operational, analysis and research jobs.

Of the green-energy projects this will create, the first will be new wind farms constructed in Dzilam González, Progreso and Halachó.

Accompanied by head of the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment (Sedum), Eduardo Batllori Sampedro, Rubio Barthell said that these projects will help the local energy sector become more efficient and competitive, and make Yucatán more attractive to investors.

Companies from Mexico, Spain, Peru, India and China are all involved in the overall green-energy initiative.

The announcement builds on similar news from a year ago. That is when Mexico’s ministry of environment said two new wind farms would be installed in Temax, Baca and Sinanche, in addition to a 2-billion-peso project approved in 2014 for Dzilam de Bravo. The latter will run 36 wind turbines feeding energy to the the national power company CFE under a 20-year contract.

Renewable energies in Yucatán are in early stages. There are dozens of projects but so far none of them are running.

With information from the State of Yucatán and El Economista

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