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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Yucatán hospitals strained while treating younger patients

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Yucatán residents in their 30s get vaccinated while younger age groups were invited to register for their inoculations. Photo: Courtesy

Another 259 new coronavirus cases were detected Tuesday in Yucatán as doctors announced an equal number of recoveries.

Hospitalizations reached a new record, with 366 patients in serious condition, up by 20 in one day.

Total infections since March 2020 have reached 49,042 while deaths — including 15 on Tuesday — totaled 4,617 since April.

Ten men and five women as young as 33 and old as 80 have perished in the previous 24 hours. Nine were from Mérida, doctors said in Tuesday’s briefing.

Active cases also included 2,347 patients at home with mild symptoms, although according to some doctors, many are on oxygen.

One doctor, speaking anonymously, told Yucatán Magazine that his hospital is out of ventilators. He confirmed that patients tend to be younger than last year, with many in their 30s.

Hospitals around the world are reporting that over 90% of their COVID-19 patients are unvaccinated. In Yucatán, vaccinations have only recently reached residents under 40.

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