Yucatán International Expo begins in Houston, Texas

Yucatecan products get ready for their closeups in Houston this week. Photo: Courtesy

Houston, Texas — Yucatecan companies whose products have export potential are on view starting today in the first edition of the Yucatán International Expo.

Thirty-three local companies were invited to participate in the event. This is their chance to catch the eye of a variety of distributors who reach retailers ranging from small shops to large international chains.

An extensive variety of the peninsula’s produce, textiles and packaged foods will be displayed in a city where the 45 percent of the population is Latino. 

Pork products, sauces, henequen, coconut, horchata, hammocks and the region’s coveted honey are all items that are poised to grow in U.S. markets, say organizers. And they will be sampled in the Lone Star state this week.

Entry is free, and a good influx of American Hispanics and non-Hispanics, along with the local Yucatecan community, is expected.

The expo will be educational for the vendors, too. Representatives of Yucatecan companies will be trained on doing business in the United States, said the president of the Chamber of Latino Entrepreneurs and promoter of the meeting, Adriana Elizabeth Gonzalez.

More than 80 percent of Yucatan’s exports pass through the Yucaexporta Office in Houston

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